Our ethos for achieving high performance is by  unlocking the human talent inside any organisation.

We work with leadership teams and business owners that are committed to transform their culture and how they manage their people with the end game of performing way beyond where they are today.

The truth of the matter is that you always know the right thing to do. The hard part is doing it.

Norman Schwarzkopf 



It is all about performance. That’s the ultimate yardstick.

Most organisations can operate at much higher levels of performance by simply tweaking how they are managed. Most of the ingredients will probably already be present. Often small changes can lead to huge increases in profitability.

With our experience and a people first approach you can expect major increases in performance within a short time frame.



Over 75% of transformations fail because they do not deal with the underlying performance inhibiting behaviour.

How do you know your programme will succeed?

Unless it deals with the underlying human behaviour that affects change, performance will lag.  


Building a high performance capability is so important that it cannot be outsourced. This is your ultimate competitive weapon and an essential prerequisite to stay in business.

Our mission is to develop this capability in your organisation such that after we have left you are in a much better shape to deal with any challenge. We do this by doing and supporting and creating the people first environment for high performance. 



Acquisitions are not just about the financials, markets and products. Infact they tell you very little about the chances the acquisition will meet expectations. Most don’t.

We look at acquisitions from the perspective of your human talent capability and the culture necessary to make it happen to balance the traditional evaluations. Our approach always results in post acquisition actions that lead to higher performance.  



Its all about you and your organisation. We are there as enablers to help you get it done. No armies of consultants, just experienced executives who have been there before and can help make those tough decisions. Our mission is make sure you have the capabilities to confront any challenge. You don’t need armies of consultants to do this when you have most of the capabilities already. They just need to be unlocked. That is what we offer.

We normally start with a  management away weekend in our winery is northern Italy for senior management and their families making it the ideal location for team building and intense thinking. Then we audit your organisation to understand its current starting point in terms of performance, culture and the people that drive it. There is always a big difference between reality and the espoused situation. This will then determine the challenge ahead and the approach. It is always situation specific. There is no such thing as a prescriptive approach otherwise every company would be successful whereas the reality is most fail.

From here we plan a detailed action plan to achieve the performance you should be hitting. T&PP will create a joint team to get it done and provide the expertise to support you through those hard situations that always come up. Our approach is energising and liberating and creates an environment where the undiscussable can be addressed and dealt with. 


T&PP brings together a unique set of skills to help companies grow. We are multidisciplinary and have world class expertise and track record to make it happen. We are very much action oriented rather than simply advisory.

We work alongside you sharing the same objectives and our focus is to deliver success with you. If you share this view and a people first approach, then get in contact and see how we can work with you. 

Join our transformations

There are opportunities where we ourselves lead and welcome new partners.

We have certain transformational projects like a new  social media platform to fulfil basic psychological needs no platform currently provides, medical devices to revolutionise care and a new approach to car ownership. Our technology and approach will no doubt form part of global  platforms in these sectors. 

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