Our Approach

“The world moves, and ideas that were once good are not always good” - Dwight D. Eisenhower 

Covid-19 impact means change will need to be adaptive not just carry on with the old ways.   Adaptive change is where new ways of working and thinking will be needed to overcome the challenge. If your competitors embrace adaptive change competition just got more intense.  As with any change it needs careful framing and recognition that resistance to change will be unconscious and these social forces come into play right at the outset. Its inevitable. Our approach takes this into account and deals with this underlying human behaviour. Any approach that does not deal with these fundamentals will fail. Using a third party like us  to initiate this change has many advantages. 

Organisational Transformation     

T&PP can make your organisational transformation a success

Most transformation programmes fail to deliver results, and fewer still deliver stellar performance which is after all  the objective.

Why? Because they are often managed as a project and deal mainly with organisational processes and tasks. They fail because of the human factor. Humans do not like change. Avoiding anxiety is part of our DNA.

People are programmed to work in groups from our evolutionary past and groups create behavioural norms to reduce anxiety hidden inside the organisation’s decision making processes. When change is required it means changing these behavioural norms. That in turn brings back the anxiety. This is what creates resistance to change and must be dealt with.

We approach transformations differently. We work at the people, teams and systems levels. We deal with group mind-sets, setting the right Primary Tasks in every area of the organisation, reporting and organisational processes. Our approach is tried and tested based on 30 years of experience and is evidence based from many studies from  Neuroeconomics and Psychology, honed into a pragmatic tool for any organisation.

Capability Audit

Measure the capability of your organisation is an essential prerequisite

We can produce a capability audit of your organisation. This measures your organisations capability to perform. 

We start with the organisations HR policies, structures, decision-making processes, work environment and history of innovation. The second stage is one on one meetings at all levels in the organisation (which always remain confidential and never disclosed). We also  assess group dynamics. We identify organisational mind-sets, management norms of behaviour and sources of anxiety that need to be contained.

Only at this point,  will we have a  good idea of what is going on and what steps must be taken.


At the end of the day making it happen is what's important

The Audit  then leads to a detailed action plan. Our approach covers tasks, processes and organisational enablers necessary to drive change. The implementation then starts after this point.

Senior executives drive the implementation supported by us . We introduce a reporting  system  around the Primary Tasks.

We  use non-financial  metrics and a personnel evaluation system that address the key drivers for each Primary Task. The danger is always that the organisation sits back after early success and reverts back to the old norms of behaviour. Our approach stops this happening. 

 All companies are different and have different norms, history, and culture and we tailor the approach only after the Audit. Organisations are living beings and respond differently to any change initiative  and needs careful on-going management. 

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