The Art of Getting it Done

Companies are very busy; manic with re-organisations, strategy reviews, and changing leadership teams. Yet performance still lags behind. they know what to do but lasting change just won’t happen. This is so common.  This book explains how to unlock the hidden potential of your team and company and make change a reality.

The book presents a method called the Primary Task Team Structure (PTTS) formulated by combining management experience with the fields of Neuroeconomics and Psychodynamics. The book will give the reader tools to be able to better assess this hard to access area in a simple engaging manner.   It is a pragmatic approach to companies that have come into difficulty and want to drag themselves back out or simply want to take performance to the next level. The book applies it to a real life example.

This book is also useful for managers and investors alike. The traditional acquisition analysis tends to cover the rational side such as the strategy and financials and ignores people systems which the authors believe is the main determinant to post acquisition performance. Investors can use the approach to evaluate companies before acquiring them to de -risk the acquisition.

(Due to be published late 2020)

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